The management of corporate communication is always a complex job for the Director of Communication. Joan Costa, one of the best Spanish theorists, qualifies this professional as “a strategist of complexity”, and I think the definition is very accurate, because what we have to manage is very complex: there are many publics with whom an organization It has to relate, many objectives to achieve with them and, above all, many media and instruments with which we have to relate to these audiences. Therefore, the planning of communication, the strategy, is fundamental. As the philosopher Seneca taught us almost two thousand years ago, “there is no favorable wind for the ship that does not know where it is going”.

This complexity has been multiplied almost to infinity with the appearance of digital technologies and, above all, of new social media. The digital revolution has brought about very rapid changes in the communicative ecosystem, with a tendency towards the fragmentation of audiences, and with a multiplicity of open channels for dialogue with the public. The media has multiplied, but not the capacity of the directors of Communication to take advantage of these new windows, sometimes due to lack of time to study and get to know the new media, sometimes due to lack of human and temporary resources to attend all the new spaces of relationship.

How can the Communication Director of a company or institution face this new situation? How to manage this complexity derived from the digital revolution? How to deal with it when we have an anguished lack of time?

Without a doubt, the answer lies in planning, in strategic management, so that we develop a planned, proactive, and not merely reactive communication. For this, it is essential to have a deep and clear knowledge of new media derived from digital technology. Only if we know their real possibilities, we can take advantage of them for our communication objectives and design an optimal strategy. For me, the Digital Marketing Nanodegree (DMND), developed by Udacity, has been an opportunity to update quickly and easily. In this way, I have been able to incorporate the knowledge of new media into the strategy of my organization and develop a planned communication, also in the online environment.

Image source Pixabay, Kalhh